Speaking With Animals

                   Animal Communication and Animal Healing 
                          Clairvoyant Readings and Healing                                      

Stories of some of  my experiences of animal communication and the beauty of soul connection. 



This morning I went to meet my old friend Sue. She had asked me to come and meet her 5 day old foal and see if there was anything I could do to help the little fellow. Her mare Sugar had given birth to a beautiful colt, except that he had been born with contracted tendons and could barely stand or walk properly.  Sue had been getting up every 1 1/2 hours through the night to assist him to stand so he could feed from his dam. 

When I arrived Sue was busy on the phone so suggested I go to the paddock alone. When I went into the paddock to introduce myself to Sugar I approached offering my hand held toward her and I silently said to her “I am here to help your baby”. 

She responded by putting her ears back and I thought she might bite me. 

I still needed to be able to approach the foal and wanted to do so with her approval. Again I held my hand out toward her muzzle and again she laid her ears back. 

I felt momentarily intimidated and thought, anything could happen. I had the knowing that as she was a new mum she was probably protecting her baby from some one she did not know. 

It was then that I realized that what she was showing me was a message about herself, and so I acknowledged this. 

I quietly proceeded to approach her foal who was lying a short distance away. She now allowed this, all the while continuing to watch me. 

As I knelt beside the little fellow he raised his head and began greeting me by breathing and blowing all over my face. We became connected in some way and I became aware of how wise he is.  Then he started showing me by pointing with his little face, where he wanted me to hold and touch him, and so we began to participate in his healing together. 

As I began to work , Sugar had moved towards us and as I sat crouched over her baby she came and put her nose to my shoulder and then began grazing beside us. I now felt relaxed and assured that she was ok with what I was doing with her precious new born. 

About twenty minutes had gone by when Sugars’ owner came to the paddock and joined us. Together the foal, myself and Sue sat in a little group with Sugar standing over us, sheltering her foal from the sun. 

As I continued to work Sugar began also to show me where I was to hold her baby and as I followed her directions I thought how intimately connected as one, mother and son still are, and will always be. At this point Sugar had moved around by Sue and I happened at that moment to ask Sue “Why is Sugar angry?” 

At first Sue could not think what the answer could be, but within a few moments Sugar tapped Sue on her back with her hoof, as if jogging Sues’ memory. It must have worked because Sue suddenly remembered a time when Sugar had stayed at a woman’s farm. The woman had told Sue that she did not get on with the horse and that Sugar did not like her. 

Sugars’ ‘ears back’ message made sense to me, and I could all of a sudden feel the big mares tears coming up from within her. Sugar was now telling me very clearly that she had not felt love from humans before and the healing that her baby was attracting from all the people that were helping and loving him was indeed an important healing experience for her also.

 Sue went on to say that based on her knowledge of her past that Sugar had probably not had a good life. 

Sues conversation went on to tell me about a friend of hers that had tuned-in to the foal a day or two prior and had asked him what he would like to be called. The foal had answered “I’d like to be called something majestic, something royal”. Sues friend was also shown that the foal came into this life with fear. So as we chatted for a while Sue and I talked about names, thinking of names like Majesty, Something Majestic or Magic for short. 

At this point I was wondering to myself, ‘What had happened to this soul in a prior life in order for him to be born with this physical issue?’ After 1 1 /2 hours my experience with these two amazing equine beings drew to a close. When I was leaving I told Sue that I would journey at home on behalf of the foal and ask if there was something else I could see that would help. 

That same evening  I sat quietly and asked  Divine Spirit that I be able to connect with the foal  and see if there was a message.  

As I sat in a meditative state and waited, I heard the words “striking distance.” In my mind I was thinking what is striking distance? Then again came “Striking Distance, I was son of Striking Distance.” I was then thinking, Who is Striking Distance? 

Then I heard the foal say “I went for a full moon gallop”.  

At that point I could see that in a past life he was showing me that he had fallen and been injured.   The next words were “I was euthanaised the next day.”  I realized that the foal was showing me a trajic event that had happened to him in a life before this one. By this time I could see the most beautiful horse before me and I watched as he began to stand up straight in his energy, as he healed the soul memory of his injury from his past life. I watched how his spirit became strong.  He is beautiful, powerful and full of love. He is a strong healing angel for his dam Sugar. I gave thanks for this beautiful healing experience. 

As soon as I could I went straight to my computer and googled ‘Striking Distance.’ This is what I found: 

 Striking Distance was a Champion Quarter horse who last raced in 1996 who sired many foals. His grand sire was Majestic Gold whose great Grand Dam was Majestic Secret. Then as I looked further back in his lineage, from the 1930s on these names came up Lady Glory, Lady Angela, Princely Gift and Something Royal. 


I phoned Sue to give her the news. There was silence for a moment. Then she said “You know what? His mother is related to Striking Distance!” 

This experience was a wonderful example and privilege for me of how clearly and deeply our animal friends can connect and communicate with us.


When I first met Kamal he was a skinny 7 year old standard bred horse who was constantly in a nervous unsettled state and always ready for flight in order to protect himself. 

His owners at the time had brought him to me in the hope that I could work with him and help him to ‘settle down.’   They told me that the people that had owned him previously had abused him. They had dominated him with physical and emotional violence and regarded the horse as crazy.  

When he arrived at my home I was wondering what I had let myself in for. Here was this ‘fella’ racing around the paddock very upset not knowing where he belonged and certainly not even ready to think about trust. The idea that he should allow me to approach him was not even in view.  

Unknown to me at the time, this was not only the next chapter in Kamals story but a huge unfolding in my own path way.  

As time went by I was asked if I would like to buy him, to which I agreed. By now I’d had the insight that this horse was important in my life journey and that he would help me develop my relationship with equine kind.  

For some time I had been seeking something much deeper than the conventional horsemanship techniques that I had grown up with.  Eventually over time Kamal started to trust me and began communicating with me. We began to work together, looking for ways  which would help this beautiful spirit to live free from his torment. 

As time went by the bond between Kamal and myself began to strengthen and while riding him one day I became aware of a story that he wanted to tell me. He showed me a past life where he had been a war horse. During this life he had been a faithful servant and had also seen the horrors of war first hand.  That is when I realized that combined with his present life abuse that this was the root cause of his behavior and the reason why his soul is so super sensitive to the emotions of others. 

It is now 2013. Twelve years have gone by and Kamal and I have done many kilometers together. I have learnt a huge amount from my precious friend. Not only about him and how to be with him, but of myself.  

Through helping him with his fear I had to challenge my own and together we have overcome. 

Thank you Kamal. 

And the update on this story in 2016 is that the journey is never over. The journey is always ongoing and Kamal continues to guide me and teach me.

    Much love to you beautiful one.