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Healing For Your Pet


In healing sessions I first work on establishing a relationship of trust between the animal and myself. This then enables a line of communication to open up. Understandbly with out this animals and people for that matter can be reluctant to let a stranger in to their world. 

 In these consultations I use several healing modalities including Animal Communication. 

I am guided by the animal I am working with and pure intent and so each consultation is unique to the individuals  requirements. 

While I often work in person with the animal at their home or mine,  physical contact is not necessary. Distance sessions where I work with my client as absent are also very effective and in some cases this can be of added benefit if an animal is not domesticated or unwilling to allow strangers into it's environment. 


 I am a qualified Homeotherapy Practitioner and I specially prepare medicines from the flaura and fauna of our homeland Aotearoa, New Zealand. These medicines work with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the animal receiving the medicine. Due to the gentle yet powerfull action of these medicines the animals weakened life force is stimulated, there fore enabling the healing process to occur naturally. These safe non toxic, non chemical medicines can be prescribed for acute and first aid ailments and also used on a constitutional level for chronic conditions.   


 *Animal Communication

 Through my encounters with animals and their people I have discovered that in treating the animal it is also important to include the owner or handler also. In many cases the animal will have something important that it requires the owner to hear or be aware of.  Through these communications there can be a lot of healing of the psychological, emotional  and spiritual aspects of both the animal and the client.   


 *Reiki/Energy Healing 

The art of Reiki has been around for many years and has very beneficial results that can be felt on the physical, emotional and spiritual layers leaving the recipient often very relaxed. Animals respond to this treatment very well, I have often experienced the animal receiving the healing showing me where they would like to be held during the process.  This type of healing is also very affective when done ‘long distance’ as physical contact is not nessesary. Reiki is wonderful for injuries and sickness and can accelarate the healing process and restore balance quickly. It is also is very affective on animals who may have been abused or mistreated as it can help animals release trauma held within their cellular layers. These healing frequencies work on the meridian lines and chakras thereby releasing the vibrations that may hold the pattern of the disease, fear etc. This form of healing provides an excellant opportunity to return  animal or human to a state of harmony. 

If you would like my assistance ......

I am available for in person consultations in Northland, New Zealand or by skype or phone.

As physical contact is not nesesary Distance sessions are also very effective and are available where ever you are in the world. 

Consultations can be booked in New Zealand and globally and can be arranged by emailing me.

For enquiries, prices and bookings email  [email protected]


“If you are looking for a natural way of healing your animals, we recommend asking Michelle for help.

After our lovely Kune pig Boobsy fell sick, no vet or antibiotics could help her, and she got worse day by day, not eating or walking anymore.

We asked Michelle to have a look, and she did her healing work on her.Within days the pig improved: started eating again and slowly walking around.

After that she got better day by day, even her fur got shiny again, she totally recovered.

We have no hesitation to call in Michelle next time one of our animals gets sick.

She has results.”


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