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Animal Communication

As an animal communicator I work by translating and facilitating the communicational dialog between animals and their people. 

This is done by listening with an open heart and being open to receiving information from the animals perspective. 

This information comes in the several forms. For example, intuitive thought forms, mental pictures, emotions, physical sensations and energy and words.

These insights provide a deeper understanding of an animals needs and can ease the job as a care giver of our animal friends and family.

Some of the things you might like to communicate with your pet.

* Ask for solutions that will help your pet heal

* Ask your pet about specific physical symptoms

*Explain to your animal about a change in the house hold, such as the arrival of a new family member, a move to a new home, the   loss of a loved one...

* Aquire an understanding of your pets life purpose and whether it is being full filled.

* Learn how to communicate with your pet

*Understand you're pets feelings and behavioral issues ie; Why is she behaving in a certain way?

*Ask your animal how they feel about the people and/or other animals in their lives.

* Ask for information about a lost pet.

*Ask about a loved animal that has passed over.

* Ask if your pet is ready to pass over.

* Learn how to communicate with your pet.

I am available for in person consultations in Northland New Zealand.

Distance communication and healing sessions  are also very effective and offer a powerful way to work with individuals.

These consultations are available in New Zealand and globally. 

For enquiries and bookings email Michelle at  [email protected] 

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