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* Student of the Horse Days 

* Mother and Daughter Day 

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Workshops and Events

Student of the Horse Day

For Ages 8 to 17 years 

These one day workshops are for children with a love of nature.

They are a hands on adventure of discovery.

 Children will learn how to communicate in the language of the horse and build a natural relationship with the horse through intuitive communication.

These workshops are a foundation for children to develop loving relationships with themselves and others with clear communication, mutual understanding, respect, peace and trust.

Mother and Daughter Day

This is a fun day for the girls to show their Mums what they have learned and to celebrate their relationships with each other

by interacting together with horse assisted flow.



After working with animals for many years I believe that any one who chooses can learn to communicate with animals also. 

I use and teach Shamanic journey style techniques to those who have a passionate love of nature and a desire to experience  the sacredness and inter-connectedness between ourselves and our animal friends. 

These workshops also involve hands on healing techniques and New Zealand Animal Homeopathics and Natural first aid medicines.


“My testimonial is my opinion on connecting with nature during one of Michelle’s classes. If you've watched ‘Avatar” and how people made connections to the animals and the plants then you’ll have an idea of what it can be like.

What I experienced was very special. I can’t explain what I felt. I can’t explain what I saw. 

Journey work is just one of those things that you need to experience, be it with nature, animals or Mother Earth, to know what it feels like.

To experience it you need to have an open mind, be open so you are able to listen to the trees, the animals and your environment. 

Your environment reflects who you are. 

All it is , is learning a new language to communicate with. A new way of communiation. Let your soul guide you.

I attended Michelle’s class  along side two other girls of similar age to myself. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly and I felt comletely at ease.

Michelle was able to answer any questions. It was almost as if Michelle read the questions in my mind. She answered them whenever she explained something. It was surprising and made me feel comfortable. My time at Michelle’s was an amazing experience.

I would recomend Michelle’s classes to any one with an open mind, children, teenagers or adults.

Thank you  Michelle. I can’t wait until the next class.”

Written By Chelsea Karl

11 Years. 2012