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Equine Facilitated Healing.

 Horses are  sentient beings. They are concious communicators and capable of unconditional love. They are able to perceive unresolved traumas and emotions that we hold within ourselves and they  have the ability to direct sensitive loving energy. Therefore they are the perfect ambassadors to the pathway of recognition of true self.

Working together with our herd of horses I co- facilitate these healing sessions with them. 

In these sessions we work with a client with either an individual horse or the whole herd depending on the requirements of the individual. Most sessions are conducted at ground level although on agreement between horse and client there are occasions when it  becomes part of the journey to sit upon/with his or her horse therapist.

These sessions assist  both adults and children through their emotional growth and healing issues. 

With guidance from myself the client is directed through a series of steps involving non-verbal communication and interaction with our equine family until the individual is able to connect with and release their inner most issues. 

I encourage people from all walks of life wether or not they have experience in the equine field, to participate in these sessions.

They provide the opportunity for people to gain healing on a deep level, gaining self confidance, developing self awareness,  the ability to release fears and past traumas and improve communication and relationship skills and to develop  their intuitive abilities

Client sessions are available at our home at Sanctuary, Northland, New Zealand. 

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Sallas Story

“I am 36 years old Finnish girl who has just overcame a lifelong separation from horses. It all started by growing up in a family with a very allergic brother, which also designated my life and made my hobby choices a bit limited, including a very strong no to being able to touch or communicate with horses. At the time of my adulthood, affected by all the years without any contact with horses, I become afraid of them; their big size and strong power, complete alienation and fear of unpredictability, kicking me or throwing me down as sensing my fear for them... I love animals as our brothers and sisters, and through the years I had a desire to connect also with the wisdom of the horses and to overcome my fear, but no place  felt right for that. Until I arrived at Michelle's Sanctuary and her most beautiful horses, the place of angelic tranquillity and safety. In the most natural and gentle way Michelle guided me inside the horse arena. Her very deep and intuitive connection with her horses made me feel in complete trust and safety right away, and magically I almost forgot that I had ever even had a fear! Instead of the word horses, I felt more like surrounded by the presence of healing spirits and guardians. Patiently they, and Michelle,  accepted me to be just as I was and to experience the new openness, an exciting moment of uniting energies, the opening of the door to the completely new world. Step by step in my own rhythm Michelle invited and supported me to deepen my experience through the touch, to brushing, to finally sitting down on the back of  the beautiful black horse Tyson. Words can't describe that unforgettable moment, that overwhelming gratitude and respect that another living being can take me and my fears and to carry it all,  allowing me to share their space, unconditionally. With Michelle's calm guidance and through listening and melting with Tyson's breathing I found the incredible feeling of connectedness and oneness; fearlessness. When riding around with Michelle's safe lead I felt such a heightened pure joy, happiness and excitement. Connecting with the nature and animals offers us the most powerful and healing way of overcoming our limitations. I can't imagine any better place and person for that than Michelle's Sanctuary farm and her very special personal healing energy and power. I hardly can wait for the next time.”

Salla Valkeejarvi    2012