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New Zealand Homeopathics

These remedies are made with loving respect of the flora, fauna and minerals of Aotearoa New Zealand. They are unique to New Zealand and made with  pure intent. 

New Zealand  Homeopathics may be given individualy or used in congunction with each other. They are safe non toxic homeopathic preparations.

These medicines have a subtle and yet powerful effect on the recipient and can also be used with other healing modalities.

Below are listed the individual remedies available.

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Recovery Blend

To aid in healing after accident or surgery.

Trauma Remedy

Give during and after any trauma.

Balance Remedy

Grief Remedy

Worming Remedy

Equine First Aid Kit

Disclaimer....New Zealand  Homeopathics are medicine that are made with the intent of assisting  through a healing crisis. However these remedies are not intended to replace vet or medical care.